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Tobacco Awareness Classes
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Tobacco Awareness Classes

Classes may be used as part of a sentencing or plea agreement, or for personal education. The class is open to any young adult 13 and older with adult approval and is available for those who have been charged as a Minor in Possession of Tobacco under city, county, or state ordinances. Please see the court regarding acceptance and class length needed.

Parents can call to arrange their child's Minor in Possession Classes ( MIP ) or simply click on the link to the right to start their online MIP classes right away.

The curriculum covers many of the applicable laws that protect young adults and educate them on the addictive qualities and belief systems that can trap them in a cycle of smoking. As well as information on quitting tips, and harm reduction education.

Each student who Successfully Completes the Tobacco Awareness Class will be provided a Certificate of Completion.

To start right away simply choose your MIP Classes and follow the instructions.

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United by Humanity

Phone: (800) 918.7990

Email: info@unitedbyhumanity.org
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Classes are appropriate for young adults 13 - 18 years old.
Welcome to United by Humanity

We are a National Violence Prevention and Awareness Agency serving over 2000 Adult Court, Probation, and Social Services Departments, as well as Youth Community Outreach, Juvenile Court and Probation Departments across the country.

The online Tobacco Awareness Classes listed below are available for young adults who are trying to quit smoking on their own, or must take a Tobacco Awareness Class to fulfill a school mandate, or a court order.

Please choose the correct class length and follow the simple instructions to enroll. Once completed you will receive a Letter of Completion.

We look forward to assisting you. 

4 Hour MIP Class   - $49
8 Hour MIP Class   - $79
16 Hour MIP Class - $129
  Sponsored by: United by Humanity
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Please see the court regarding acceptance and class length needed.
Not Available in Texas